Squirreltee – 2023 God Family Second First Then Purdue Men’s Basketball Team Shirt

Well I’m glad you asked this question . Well, my mind flashes up a dark and deep but not a dull blue. Blue but not navy blue which I hate. I hate navy blue except on handsome soldiers or something. I do simply love the 2023 God Family Second First Then Purdue Men’s Basketball Team Shirt moreover I love this dusty rose pants though. Very fetching color. I hope they’re not too loose. 2) Pants in neutral colors gives you plenty of options for the shirts. Neutral colors are earthy and dull colors like tan, beige, browns, navy blue, navy green, greys, etc. 3) Following the visual balance rule of color theory. As per this rule its best to keep dark colors for lower garments and light colors for upper garments as it creates a proper movement or direction for your vision. Plus light colors gives a feel of light weight and dark colors gives feel of heavy weights. Since light weight looks visually perfect at top and heavy weight at bottom, this combinations works good. Blue is one of the best colour that I love most. You want to know which colour pants suits with the blue shirt. It depends on which shade of blue shirt you have. Let me give you examples of suitable pants with the different shades of blue shirts.