Teespix – Penn State Nittany Lions Wrestling Bar shirt

If you’re a private student then you are allowed to wear light colours only. I’m also in 12 standard recently got the Penn State Nittany Lions Wrestling Bar shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this admit card this was mentioned on it ,also teachers did guide us about it ,that one has to strictly wear school uniform. Unfortunately bro you have to wear your SCHOOL uniform. They are very strict in this case so, it be better for you to wear your SCHOOL uniform . If you are not wearing uniform then they will ask you many questions in front of all student so, wear uniform bro . All the 12th class science students are not preparing for JEE nor have time and money to spend on these fancy coaching classes, and for a person like me who doesn’t even goes for any private tuitions and, is fully dependent on “the school” and, an individual’s “brain power”, the paper was TOUGH AND LENGTHY. To myself – “Chill girl, it’s okay. So what if there’s something you don’t understand. You studied as hard as you could. Just relax and concentrate”