Geminipremium – 2023 SEC Regular Season Champions Coleman Coliseum Alabama Shirt

I think it should be okay, but my school thinks differently. Any crop tops, bare legs or exposed shoulders is a crime. My school claims that these distract boys. Okay, okay. Maybe these pieces of clothing are a little revealing. But can someone explain why they let this be appropriate? As long as there are straps going over the 2023 SEC Regular Season Champions Coleman Coliseum Alabama Shirt Also,I will get this shoulder it’s okay. They also seem to think that a humongous amount of cleavage is not inappropriate at all. Okay wow. Very casual. Watch dress codes though. No tank tops for anyone. No see through for anyone. No belly skin showing. No saggy pants. No spaghetti straps for girls. No underwear showing for anyone. If in doubt, don’t wear it. Last summer, I was super tensed about what to wear, especially after covid. I would say, if you wanna try out some preppy, cute clothing, then go for it! Try out an outfit ya like, and explore more if u want. You don’t have to stick to one style. And trust me, switching styles does not have to mean switching friends. Most people wear a variety of clothes so you won’t stand out too much either. But whatever you’re wearing, if it’s new, always, ALWAYS, wear it for a day at home or out shopping or wherever, before you wear it to school. Personally, this helps me know how comfortable I am in that dress and if I can wear it for 8+ hrs. To tell you the truth, you could have 3 jeans, 2 leggings, 5 tank tops and/or shirts, 3 cardigans and 2 sweaters and you will be fine (even that is more then I have for High school). I had a friend that went through this entire year with 4 different jeans, 4 shirts and 2 sweater and no body noticed (because no one cares). So unless you want to be those people that try to look good everyday, you will be fine, as long as you don’t wear the same outfit two times in a row.