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The fantasy writing of the University of Iowa Basketball Nike Iowa Sole shirt in contrast I will get this time seems to have begun with these two writers (and CS Lewis’ Narnian Chronicles), why that is the case when the power of this genre persists to this day, is a moot point. It is so successful. It is certainly the sort of innovation that makes you think, Why wasn’t this discovered before? Certainly the culture of myths was a premise of the Classics scholar. Rare exceptions like King Arthur don’t explain why the people weren’t begging for more. The myth of Beowulf for example, was the preserve of the University student. Somewhere in the lives of Tolkien, Lewis and Eddison it was realised that the common mind could enjoy these legends. And that it was done so well forces us to admit that the audience was equal to the task. Was there an overnight change? Or did these authors tap into what was always there – hidden once but now discovered?