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Sometimes hands totally draw each other. They each come into existence only to the Western Athletic Basketball Tournament Championship 2023 Shirt In addition,I will do this extent the other decides they must have the next stroke. Middle-earth has this kind of quality: a symbiotic relationship with its creator, and the eerie feeling that the creation was a two-way street. Middle-earth is, in a word, an Escher. [Pictured: Maurits Escher’s “Drawing Hands,” which might credibly be called “Drawing Tolkien”.] Middle-earth itself is a pastiche of places Tolkien lived, loved, visited, learned about through literature, or carried a gun across. The Shire was the green, rural England he loved, the Alps that he saw at 19 on a holiday abroad in 1911 became the core of the Misty Mountains, and Mordor was inspired by the battlefields of the Great War; Tolkien arrived on the Western Front in 1916, just in time for the Battle of the Somme. “Tolkien himself tells us that the Silberhorn is his Celebdil or Silvertine – and the three peaks of the Jungfrau, Silberhorn and Rottalhorn are a trio that could well have inspired him to imagine his own three peaks in the Misty Mountains: Barazimbar, Zirakzigil and Bundushathur which sat above Khazad Dum.” – Alex Lewis, “The Road to the Misty Mountains and Beyond”