Salmontee – Atlanta Braves Names Player Shirt

So before you get to designing and setting up your store, you need to answer one question: who is going to buy your t-shirts? If your answer is everyone, you’re entering a danger zone. Targeting everyone under the Atlanta Braves Names Player Shirt and by the same token and sun is like tilting at windmills. By making your target too broad, you’ll end up targeting no one. Doing so will also cost you not only money but also time. And who wants that? Since you’ve already decided to sell t-shirts, you now are part of the fashion and apparel industry. While this is a good start, you can probably agree that it doesn’t really help you define your target audience everyone can wear a t-shirt. That said, you need to narrow down your audience even more to find a product niche. And here’s how you can do it. Nobody else but you will have to run your attitude t shirt.