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But the Elephant On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Shirt and I will buy this most common kidney stones are made of Calcium Oxalate mixed with other minerals and salt. People are always worried about Oxalates in their diet. But food is not the biggest factor in making kidney stones. But it is dehydration! Dehydration is your worst enemy to your health. Most people drink things that can cause more dehydration. Stop drinking anything with caffeine: coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks, these last ones are very bad for your overall health which dehydrated you. dehydration means you will not have enough water in your blood to make urine. This concentrates your urine leading to the forming of kidneys because minerals are left behind in the kidneys. Because your kidneys need water to flush out minerals before they form kidney stones, drink 8 -8oz glasses of water every day as a lifestyle change. I find that ice-cold water tastes best. Remember food is not the problem unless you make uric acid kidney stones. You go yo the doctor in pain n vain he is not god he tells you , go get sonography done and then xray done , if you r in pain he gives dose of painkiller injection if pain presists they give you higher dose injection , then if its under 10mm which u may be able to pass ,