Squirreltee – Rubber Toe The No Hit Wonder shirt

But I heard that phrase from every single person I interviewed with as well. It was apparently a commonplace thing, and my worries about not looking sharp for the Rubber Toe The No Hit Wonder shirt in other words I will buy this interviews disappeared quickly. I went through the interviews, we all had some laughs about Braniff, and I flew back home. This interview took place at a company where I worked while hiring a new engineer for an IT-related job. While I wasn’t part of this interview panel, I did talk to multiple people who were part of the interview who corroborated the story. All names have been changed. Our candidate was a Hasidic Jew, which I mention only because it becomes relevant to the story. He arrived at the train stop near our office in the afternoon. One of the guys from the devops department as a token of good will offered to pick him up and he accepted. He drove out and returned 20 minutes later, alone. When the candidate saw the car was a VW — a German car — he had refused to get in. So the candidate took a cab and was shown to a conference room when he arrived. At our company, we usually do multiple rounds of interviews back-to-back. A candidate will typically meet with someone from HR, then two engineers, then a manager or director.