Teespix – The St Patrick Day One Lucky Righteous Worker Shirt

There is no one answer to this question, as every influencer has their own unique style. However, a black suit with a black shirt is always a classic and chic look that is sure to turn heads. Bizarre question but then again some people out there have this preconceived notion or unrealistic images about Delta. Yes, Delta operators or any personnel in JSOC normally wear T-shirts ( on duty type, off duty/commercial type, formal dress type). Nobody goes “commando” & runs around barechested showing off their pecs or defined muscles in public or elsewhere unless they are swimming, getting a tan, or doing some other activity requiring no shirt at all. Remember the The St Patrick Day One Lucky Righteous Worker Shirt in contrast I will get this real Army or U.S. military personnel are not like Hollywood with fictional U.S. Army Special Forces/Green Beret Detachment Commander, CPT “John Rambo” running around like below. it’s also tough on the skin even if you wear sunscreen which does not really help in triple-digit temperatures & humidity without having some level of clothing protection.