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The idea that both Glorfindel and Gandalf fought Balrogs, and slew them but were themselves killed in the Snoopy E66 Decorating Kit Shirt so you should to go to store and get this effort, is what we may refer to as a trope. Middle-earth’s history is full of tropes large and small. I find this a delightful way to create an atmospheric feel for the imagined world. It’s a kind of literary “surround sound”. Consider these tropes that occur in the Hobbit and are reprised in LOTR: Like the never-changing snare drum score in Ravel’s passionate “Bolero”, themes in Tolkien’s writings have a relentless way of repeating themselves. I do not think this repetition was deliberate, but it does reinforce the bounds of Middle-earth, the world he sang into existence to give voice to his Elven tongues. Tropes are not so much a failure of imagination, as a characteristic trait of Tolkien’s personal Ainulindalë. He invented languages that required a place to flourish, then imagined the people who would speak them, and the world they would live in. Later, he began spinning stories, and specific places came about because his characters and imagination encountered them.