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These fantasy writers were a generation or more older than Tolkien, but were still writing when Tolkien began to write: These writers were more or less about the Snoopy Happy Easter With Friend Shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this same age as Tolkien. In some cases, he knew them personally fairly well (Williams and Lewis). He was at the very least acquainted with Eddison and read his work (and appears to have disapproved). In the case of the other writers, I have reason to doubt that he read anything by them. Maybe. There were younger contemporaries, all of whom were writing during Tolkien’s career. Tolkien was acquainted with the work of Howard, and if what I recall is true, he liked Conan. Tolkien met and corresponded with De Camp. I have never heard that he knew or knew of the others. But maybe. Much younger writers, the first part of whose career overlapped that of Tolkien, although in some cases perhaps by only a bit. I think he was actually acquainted with Moorcock. After that, I wouldn’t speculate.