Meredpremium – Ya, i have. I got this one in Dubai festival that was held last year. It cost me almost 75 Dhs (24US$). Its stuff is great and i love while wearing it. The first step is deciding what kind of T-shirt you want to wear. Are you going for a classic look, or do you want something more modern? Next, choose your fabric. Cotton is the Official Can It Kirkland T Shirt also I will do this most popular option, but we also offer some other materials like linen and silk. Then decide on the color scheme. You can choose one solid color or go wild with a pattern or graphic print. We have an incredible selection of colors and designs so you can find exactly what fits your style! Finally, pick out any embellishments or accessories like buttons or patches (we love patches!). These are optional but they’re fun to add in as finishing touches on your design. Once all that’s done, head over to our website and upload your artwork! Then sit back, relax, and wait for us to ship it straight to your door! First you need to know how to design t-shirt,and how to operate Photoshop, illustrator and advanced tool and, huge idea t -shirts from various online market place so you design better than polo t-shirt design. There are a few different ways to tuck in a collared shirt, depending on the shirt’s style and the look you’re going for. If you’re tucking in a button-down shirt, start by buttoning up the shirt and then tucking it into your pants or skirt. If you’re tucking in a polo shirt, start by pulling the shirt down so that the collar is flat, then tuck in the shirt from the bottom. You can also tuck in one side of the shirt and leave the other

If you are done with the Funny Depeche Mode Memento Mori Shirt and I will buy this above link, you must have found “How to think about designing” “How to create the One” and “What are the helpful software” Any expensive shirt from designer brands like Versace, Prada, Gucci, Boss etc. will be made from slightly better fabric and sewn together in Turkey, Pakistan or India. Maybe buttons are attached in Italy for the made in Italy stamp, but that’s it. No eay that manufacture quality makes up for the 600% price premium. You also lose the flashy brand name, at least with dress shirts, that appeal to part of the clientele. There are however high-quality brands with shirts which cost twice as much than you normal shirt. The difference to design brands is that you get vastly superior cotton, better stitching, non-plastic buttons and so on. Details which only few will recognize. My favorite brand in that area is Stentstroems, RRP for a nice dress shirt is around 150 Euro. Pk. A bit vague. If only a tshirt then to cover and protect from weather or the persons not so attractive body? If with a suit then to add background to the shirt which may be thin and to absorb perspiration. If wet on a girl then for fun.