Squirreltee – Ohio State Buckeyes 2023 NCAA Women’s Frozen Four Shirt

From my experience, I like to wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts, especially in the Ohio State Buckeyes 2023 NCAA Women’s Frozen Four Shirt besides I will buy this cold seasons, because it keeps me warmer and/or I just want to wear that specific short sleeve shirt that day. Also, why wait until next summer if you can make use of your short sleeve shirts this winter? There may be some people who wear short sleeves under long sleeves and that’s okay. But personally, when I actually like the design of my shirt, I want to be able to show it off without getting cold. So, this is just my opinion from my experience; I’m not a real fashionista or anything like that but I thought I might as well answer this question. 🙂 There’s no real answer to this question, it’s just a name that’s stuck around for a long time. T-shirts got their name because they are shaped like a T when they are laid flat. They are called shirts because they are a type of clothing that covers the torso and arms.