Peacefulpremium – Duke College Basketball Proudly Sending UNC To the NIT March Sadness Awaits Shirt

If you wear a shirt that says something offensive about Christians into a church, you may think you are trolling, but there are several laws anywhere you go that protect the Duke College Basketball Proudly Sending UNC To the NIT March Sadness Awaits Shirt in contrast I will get this Christians inside that church who can ask you to leave or even have you arrested and charged with harrassment. Now, you can wear a “science rules” shirt into a church but…why are you going to a church in that shirt? Where is the point? If you wear a shirt that threatens trump or Biden to a polling place, you’ve broken several laws but you won’t even be allowed to vote there because you’ll be in cuffs for electioneering in front of a polling station and possibly for threats or harrassment. Now you can wear a shirt that says, “Make America Great Again” as long as it doesn’t have a trump slogan on it or “Black Lives Matter” as long as there’s no democratic campaign name on the shirt. People can pretty much guess who you’re voting for but you aren’t breaking rules…just being an idiot that shows your own insecurity. You can even push it and wear a shirt that says “liberals are stupid” or “conservatives are morons” but you’ll receive a LOT of scrutiny and many counties in America view that as intimidation and, once again, you’ll lose the ability to vote that day because you’d be outside in cuffs or trying to explain yourself to police. So don’t do it.