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Each side would prepare maps of the Never Underestimate A Woman Who Loves Eagles Vs Phillies Shirt so you should to go to store and get this enemy trench network, based on this spying, and print and distribute them to their troops before an attack. However, the most useful information came from the interrogation of prisoners. Even a soldier who refused to talk to his captors could reveal useful information such as his unit (visible from the patch on his uniform). Military intelligence kept careful track of the identity and location of enemy units, since if they were suddenly transferred to a different part of the front line it could be a sign that troops were being massed for an offensive. Other prisoners might be caught carrying trench maps, code books, copies of orders, etc — they weren’t supposed to take these into the front lines but sometimes they did. And finally, some prisoners of war were willing to talk to their captors — this war saw the development of psychological techniques such as deliberately treating a captured soldier with kindness (offering him food and drink, assuring him that you would send a message to his family telling them he was alive and safe, etc) to lower his guard and get him to chat to his friendly captor.