Teespix – NBA Stephen Curry Warriors Signature 2023 Shirt

Collar stays are little slivers of plastic or metal that are inserted into the NBA Stephen Curry Warriors Signature 2023 Shirt and I will buy this collar to prevent the collar from curling up. I’m not too sure if this is used in women’s clothing, but for men’s apparel, you’ll usually find them in ‘higher-end’ men’s dress shirts. I believe you are referring to Qiana (sp???) Thicker than nylon tricot, it’s right side resembled satin, and it took a dye extremely well, so it came in an amazing kaleidoscope of colors and prints. You are right that men’s shirts made of Qiana were very popular in the early to mid ‘70’s, but I remember my father refusing, at first, to try the Qiana boxers my mother bought for him, then, several years later, mourning their loss when Qiana went out of production.