Teespix – Wallen Western Cowboy Flower Bull Skull Shirt

It depends on the Wallen Western Cowboy Flower Bull Skull Shirt and by the same token and brand and the dealership. I worked for five different dealerships and this is how they worked. As a salesman I received a $200/week salary, plus a 20% commission on the front-end gross profit and 3% back-end gross, which includes financing, extended warranty, tire and wheel package, accessories, which is called F&I. Most cars are sold at invoice or below invoice, and as a salesperson we receive a “FLAT” which was $150 commission, plus a volume bonus, based on the number of cars we sold for the month. This would range from $500-$3500 for the month, plus on Saturday we would get a “SPOT” bonus of $100 if we sold and took delivery of the car on Saturday. Also certain manufacturers had “SPIFFS” on certain models ranging from $50-$1,000 per car, usually on slow-selling vehicles, which was paid by the manufacturer to the salesperson. All told a salesperson selling a consistent 30+ Cars/month can make over $150k per year. I know of a salesman selling 120 Audis/ month and he makes $650k/year. But those are exceptions and the average salesman makes $35k-$50k/year, working 55–60 hours/week.