Teespix – Virginia Cavaliers NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament March Madness 2023 Shirt

1. The undershirt makes unsightly lumps and bumps in the Virginia Cavaliers NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament March Madness 2023 Shirt moreover I will buy this belly or sides less noticeable. Creating a more uniform and smooth appearance. 2. It acts as a buffer or sponge to prevent daily sweat form becoming visible in areas like under the arms or on the back where the clothes are generally pressed up against the skin. 3. Modesty. I have a hairy chest. It can be somewhat unsightly for some people to see body hair. The undershirt has a high enough neck line that it keeps my chest covered. The same concept applies for in the back when a button up shirt becomes untucked and the skin and upper butt become visible. Since the undershirt is cotton, it tends to stay tucked longer. 4. Lastly, comfort is the key reason. It is very easy to feel the seams and buttons on your skin if you aren’t wearing an under shirt. Also button up shirts tend to be made of stiffer fabrics that aren’t as breathable or soft as cotton. Therefore, I just prefer to feel cotton on my skin as opposed to an unpleasant fabric.