Meredpremium – Ron Desantis Snowflakes From Iowa With Love Shirt

The two most common things I see in most ready-to-wear suits and jackets (we’ll leave trousers for today — that’s a wholeeeee other rant) is that they don’t have enough over body allowance and that they’re far, far too short in the Ron Desantis Snowflakes From Iowa With Love Shirt besides I will buy this body. Now sometimes being a little too short in the body is fine, especially if the gentleman wearing the jacket has short legs and/or arms, but when it’s too short by more than an inch or so then it causes a lot of other issues, the biggest actually being something that almost no-one notices these days, and that’s the buttoning point. If a jacket is too short, then the details are also pushed up the body (for balance) and this causes a plethora of issues around fit, only exaggerated by the skinny fit of most garments today — the worst of which in my opinion is that the button point ends up somewhere near the chest which is what causes that horrendous rucking and pulling when fastened, and on most people also a “break” in the line of the lapel.