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I studied C++ till 12th. I’m guessing you will have nothing to do till the In April We Wear Blue Autism Awareness School Bus Shirt Additionally,I will love this end of the first year( sure there may be C but still that’s like a cupcake for you). Take a book on data structures. Mess around with pointers and code the data structures. That will strengthen your understanding of the topic. Moreover, you will get an insight of using appropriate data structures for solving a problem. Then shift to python, as python already has some of the data structures built-in and learn to code various algorithms in python. Later on you can use this code as a library(better to mention them as helper functions) and you’ll find yourself ahead of the competition! To read a book effectively, you should be, first and foremost, interested in its contents. It is hard to glean information, pleasure and wisdom from a book that does not cater to your basic interests. Reading fast and finishing a book in x hours is overrated. Speed helps, yes, and is a great skill to have, but it should not hamper understanding and savouring the book. Do not attempt to rush and meet a deadline if it means skipping words, sentences and sometimes even whole paragraphs. Take your time, notice, and savour everything the book has to offer through and beyond words.