Teespix – Who Needs Luck When I Have You Horror Movie Characters Shirt

Is it iconic?: circles, squares, can be boring. Use your research time to lock onto shapes that tell the Who Needs Luck When I Have You Horror Movie Characters Shirt and I will buy this company’s product, service or story. Typography helps. If the company is up for different lettering now is the time to search out unique type to fit the company. So many great fonts available. Make it unique or make it better: Find out if the company is new and needs new right out of the box, or if they need a current one fixed, or made better. So many little questions to ask up front. Like what is their budget? “Oh it will help you build a portfolio BS:” Layout the first font you come to, and move on, they get what they pay for. 50–100 Layout type, and provide 2 simple thumbnails to choose from. 500–1000? They get the whole deal to a point, visit their plant, ask tons of questions, spend a day in their shoes. Use thumbnails and comp to minimize labor costs.