Geminipremium – Vintage Anita 2023 Tour Anita Baker Shirt

I think girls should be able to wear shorts as part of their school uniform instead of always having to wear skirts. I think it would be more comfortable and practical, especially in the Vintage Anita 2023 Tour Anita Baker Shirt and I love this warmer months. Plus, I think it would give girls more confidence and make them feel more comfortable in their own skin. If you want to just wear the skirt that is fine and commendable because that makes more sense for a male than a female. Wear a T shirt and tennis shoes with it. You will be cool, fashionable, and girls will find you appealing. Forget what guys think. They are the Social Conformist doing the same thing year after year… Even when you allow girls to wear pants for their uniform, they often don’t. Even in all girls schools. The reason is, because girl’s bodies are curvy and hard to fit! They’re all different shapes even when they wear the same general size. They’re longer or shorter in the waist, some girls have an ample derriere and some have a flatter one, some girls have heavy thighs and some have thighs you can see daylight between! Some girls have long legs an others have short. This is a nightmare for fitting pants. Almost every girl needs to have her pants tailored for a good fit. With a skirt, you know you’ll have a uniform that fits everyone and still looks good. You have no rise, the thickness of your thighs is irrelevant, the size of your backside is less relevant. All you need is a waist measurement and a hemline. All girls can still wear shorts under their skirts so they can climb and run and jump without any restriction. A skirt with pockets makes it even less necessary to wear pants. In the summer pants are just too warm and shorts are too informal so skirts are cooler while not sacrificing the classic look.