Peacefulpremium – Settlements Welcome Board Game Shirt

Azhly.. there really isn’t a simple answer to what may sound like a simple question. It was, at one time easier, but so many rules have been broken, and look attractive, that’s it so much more complicated now. At the Settlements Welcome Board Game Shirt Besides,I will do this same time, there are matching pieces that have been put together so badly that… well, nevermind. At one time, we were told never to wear something striped with a plaid or with polka dots… or take any of those… but don’t wear with a pattern. But, in the past 30 years or so, designers have broken every rule that ever existed and done it well. The key is that they KNOW how to do it. They are trained, or simply have ‘the eye’ to look at two patterns together and ‘know’ if it will work. Look at the recent ‘hot’ items from Johnny WAS! Scads of flowers with stripes and more…. and it usually looks simply wonderful! But, I know I could not do that. You and I aren’t schooled that way.