Peacefulpremium – Star Wars Darth Vader Black White & Red Shirt

There are no definitive rules when it comes to fashion, so you can wear black socks with brown shoes if you think it looks good! There is no universal answer to this question – ultimately, it is up to the Star Wars Darth Vader Black White & Red Shirt Additionally,I will love this individual to decide whether or not to wear socks with shoes. Some people may prefer to go sockless for aesthetic reasons, while others may find that socks help to keep their feet comfortable and dry throughout the day. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment and see what works best for them. If they’re going to match, then make them match your trousers. Not your shoes. Do you want to look like you have longer legs, or weirdly taller feet? I’m more partial to socks in complementary colours however. Something a little more interesting than plain navy or grey.