Squirreltee – Ziggy Piggy Design Shirt

As you see in the Ziggy Piggy Design Shirt also I will do this photo below of me in our garden with my dear wife, I often wear my polo shirt untucked. If I wear more formal walking shorts, then I will probably wear my polo shirt tucked in. Virtually any department store or discount store will carry polo shirts. Most craft stores have regular sales on the things, selling them for less than you can buy wholesale unless you plan to by a truckload at a time. A T-shirt would be deemed casual while a polo with it’s collar would be deemed smart casual, a more corporate business like style. Logos that are aligned to the left are what people have gotten used to seeing. It’s how logos have been placed since the beginning. Take military uniforms for example, on their logos, they’re placed left-aligned on the uniform, and it hasn’t changed since they began!