Teespix – I’m Possible Motivation Shirt

Beyond this it often just comes down to organisational rules and whatever was chosen for that hospital/health service. For instance, where I worked, the I’m Possible Motivation Shirt Furthermore, I will do this color codes were: First of all, not all doctors wear scrubs, and not all people wearing them are doctors. Speaking for myself, I never wore long sleeves under mine. Some do, some don’t. Of those that do, many some get cold easily. Maybe others have obscene tattoos. Or skin disease. It depends on the culture of the hospital. Generally you either wear scrubs or formal clothing, with short sleeves or sleeves rolled up, in order to be ‘bare below the elbows’ for infection control purposes. No ties are allowed and long hair must be tied up for the same reason. No dangly jewellery or jewellery below the elbow apart from a plain wedding band. I have worn scrubs with trainers for my entire career without issue- as long as you don’t look scruffy it should be fine in most places. Yes, don’t just wear a white t shirt under your scrub top , learn color coordination and then wear a color that goes with your scrub color, and not printed! Get a scrub top with ONLY ONE POCKET, those side pockets went out with captain kangaroo, get scrub pants with Lots of pockets! I-recommend no beard and a short haircut, and check the earrings at the door. Iron… yes… you’re scrubs before going to work. No starch. Dedicated tennis shoes and grey crew socks, no crocks, and a stethoscope around your neck screams “ new grad”. And a bunch of tattoos screams former inmate, and tattoos on the face are a no hire situation.