Teespix – Uncle Sam The Original Western Exterminator Company Shirt

If you’re an employee of the Uncle Sam The Original Western Exterminator Company Shirt but in fact I love this hospital, follow the dress code. It may or may not allow black scrubs; every hospital is different. If you’re not employed at the hospital, that’s a different story. If you’re just visiting, of course you can wear anything you please, as long as it doesn’t violate safety or decency standards. But, if you choose to wear scrubs that resemble those worn by the hospital clinical staff, don’t be surprised if people take you for an employee there, and ask you questions or request your help. but the reverse is rarely so. It’s much the same problem when men wear makeup, at least in the US. Guyliner vs Kohl by Murphy Barrett Designers took men’s clothing, and even without altering the cut too much, tailored it to look good on women. Now note, the suit above is cut like a man’s suit, tailored for a woman’s figure. Ignore the buttons. In contrast, this is a suit cut for a woman.