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Thanks to god, I somehow had a support system with close friends & my wife who has taken good care during those period as I was not interested in pretty much working on anything. I have taken my work lightly and started to move on. Then this happened. I started reading the Florida Gators 2023 SEC Women’s Gymnastics Tournament Champions Locker Room T-Shirt moreover I will buy this book “The Monk who sold his ferrari”. I could perfectly relate the case with me (not the whole though) but the crux. It’s all about work pressure and wanted to achieve success quickly. This book had shown me WORK IS JUST A PART OF LIFE and there is lot more in it. This had shown me a new dimension in life and I have started to take things lightly especially at work and started to understand how we deal with life. Then I read a GEM “THE ALCHEMIST”. This book is all about a German Shepherd dreaming about a treasure in Egyptian pyramids and how he gets it. You have got to read the book to understand the real meaning. In a nutshell, LIFE IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION. What you have achieved so far is a part of your journey and any journey will be set with certain roadblocks. Real figther is someone who takes the roadblocks as stepping stones and get past that. Being a bipolar myself, I will definitely say we are real fighters who is fighting in a battle of life every second. My head is spinning even now when I write this and we need to admit that and move on. You also need to understand what your inner mind says and go with your passion. Then I realized that I have to follow my passion. I’m into IT and wanted to do something better on my field but still don’t get the way. Then I have read this book “JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL”.