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“Play is one of the Official boom Jeff Dunham Madafakas Shirt and I will buy this few queer bars in Nashville and is one of the most welcoming establishments in town. It caters to people of different genders, ages, and sexual orientations. Looking out into the crowd at a drag show, you have no idea who is queer and who isn’t because all are welcome,” Mayari says. While performances at Play will remain legal due to the venue’s age restrictions, the fate of scores of Mayari’s peers in Nashville is more uncertain. “I’ve met so many wonderful and talented queens who have created their own space in the community—for example, by doing brunch shows or performances on Nashville’s strip—who are in danger of losing their jobs,” she says. Other bills focused on drag shows are in the works across the country and will likely soon be passed in states like Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia. Such censorship of expression will not only endanger the livelihood of queer performers but also limit access to a pastime beloved by people of all sexual orientations. “It brings me joy to perform, but my drag isn’t really about me. It’s about bringing joy to others,” Mayari says, reflecting a widely held sentiment among queens.