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I plead guilty to being elderly but I consider it a sign of not being well dressed to show your bra straps. Wear a camisole which will hide them nicely but preferably do not wear shirts you can see through No, not if it is otherwise aesthetically pleasing. It all depends on the Real Women Love Basketball Team Smart Women Love The Sacrament To Kings Shirt Apart from…,I will love this outfit. The bra itself may aesthetically go with the color of the garment over it in which case the 2 go nicely together and be pleasing to the eye! There is really no answer to this question. Some outfits are designed with straps to show off like sport bras with fancy strapping. If casual it depends on the. Person. If something formal usually hide them. Ok everyone I’m a guy bound into a sport bra for chest / medical support due to an accident. My personal take is around the house or beach I don’t care. Tank top if the straps show I don’t care, In stores malls doctors etc full tee shirt to cover up. You won’t lose any weight if u run exactly 3 miles on daily basis, your body will be able to adapt and eventually running like that becomes pointless and harmful even. What you need is to run as fast as you can for as long as you can, but do keep in mind you still need to get home, do that for few days and you will see your weight drops constantly, and it hurts, but it pays off.